Rozenko: Public Transportation Privileges Will Not Be Terminated

04.06.2015, 13:03

The Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko said that enough funds were allocated in the state budget for preferential passage for vulnerable groups of the population. According to the Minister, there is a need to reform the system of social benefits due to the fact that today the offsets between the state and organizations providing the services are based on continuous corruption schemes and inefficient use of public money.

Rozenko And IMF Mission Representatives Discussed Reform of Subsidies And Incentives System

12.05.2015, 14:25

From 1 July 2015 the citizens will be provided with the government subsidies based on their income. The benefits to judges, prosecutors and other so-called VIP-beneficiaries are cancelled and the inefficient incentives are eliminated.

Rozenko: No Another Chance for Pension Reform

06.05.2015, 13:55

Pavlo Rozenko, the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, predicts a tough discussion in the Parliament during the debate on the pension system reform. He stated this during a conference call of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

Rozenko On Pension Reform: Accumulative System to Be Introduced on January 1, 2017

29.04.2015, 16:02

Accumulative pension system is planned to be introduced on 1st January 2017. This was stated by Pavlo Rozenko, the Minister of Social Policy, who also requests to submit the relevant bills to the Parliament.

(Ukrainian) У Мінсоцполітики розповіли, як працюватиме «революційна» система субсидій

20.03.2015, 10:38

(Ukrainian) Нова система субсидій дозволить українцям оформляти субсидії без контакту з чиновниками, продовжувати їх автоматично та оформляти навіть тим, хто знімає житло.

Ukraine obligates raising retirement age for pensioners

13.03.2015, 11:30

Ukraine obligates raising retirement age by five years for old age pensioners.

(Ukrainian) «Зарплатна» реформа або виправляємо помилки

10.03.2015, 12:02

(Ukrainian) Ще перед Новим роком український уряд зробив подарунок країні: проект бюджету на 2015 рік та пакет податкових реформ. Серед них була і так звана «зарплата» реформа, яка мала вивести з тіні «гроші у конвертах».

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