National Anti-corruption Bureau Selected 219 Candidates for Detectives

04.08.2015, 15:10

After the election of the first 100 detectives the Bureau intends to announce the next contest for the positions of the detectives.

Anti-Corruption Bureau To Operate Fully In Fall – Sytnyk

08.07.2015, 10:26

The Anti-Corruption Bureau has started the selection of candidates for detectives.

100 Investigators to Work in the National Anti-Corruption Bureau

20.05.2015, 10:56

During the State Action Plan to Liberalize the EU Visa Regime for Ukraine press conference Anton Yanchuk focused his attention on the ongoing work on the creation of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Government Asks to Extend Powers of Anti-Corruption Bureau

14.05.2015, 12:27

The government wants to enable the Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate false data in income declarations.

Anti-corruption Bureau to Set Up Single Database of Corrupt Officials

07.05.2015, 12:41

The National Anti-corruption Bureau is planning to set up a database of corrupt officials. This was stated by Artem Sytnyk, the National Anti-corruption Bureau Director.

First 100 Anti-corruption Bureau Employees To Be Selected on Competitive Basis

07.05.2015, 10:46

By the decree of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine Director from 05.05.15 № 5-р the casting on the replacement of the vacant posts in the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine is announced.

NAB Director Appointed His Deputy

27.04.2015, 13:27

Gizo Ugulava, the former Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Georgia, was appointed as the first Deputy Chairman of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Artem Sytnyk, the Head of the NAB reported this.

NAB Director: Contests for IT Specialists Positions Will be First

27.04.2015, 12:03

The Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau is still the only employee of that agency. This was stated by Artem Sytnyk, the Director of NAB, UKRINFORM writes. According to him, the formation of the core staff should be expected at the beginning of summer. By that time, the public Council and the several tender committees […]

Anti corruption Bureau to Start Work No Sooner 2016 – Lutsenko

21.04.2015, 15:05

The National Anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) will be able to start its work no sooner than at the beginning of the next year. This was stated by Yuriy Lutsenko, Petro Poroshenko Bloc leader.

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