Jaba Ebanoyidze On Georgia’s Successful Experience of Legalizing Gambling

02.10.2015, 12:22

(Ukrainian) Експерт наголосив, що зараз для України найголовніше — це зробити ігровий бізнес легальним і позбутись підпільних казино, ігрових залів. А друге питання, як регулювати та контролювати цей бізнес.

Jaba Ebanoyidze: Business Is Frustrated And Doesn’t Believe In Success of Reforms

21.09.2015, 12:23

There is no ideal tax system in any country and never will be. Each one has its characteristics and its priorities.

Jaba Ebanoyidze: How To Free Ukrainian Business From Influence of Authorities

18.09.2015, 14:41

There is no ideal tax system in any country and never will be. Each one has its characteristics and its priorities.

Ebanoyidze: Reforms Should Start From Front, Not Back

22.07.2015, 15:49

The registration reform, the transfer of registers’ authority to local government, decentralization, federalization were the main points covered by the ICR experts Jaba Ebanoyidze and Oleksandr Nosal while interacting with reporters at a press breakfast.

Jaba Ebanoidze Rated Chances of Reforming Registration System

20.07.2015, 16:44

(Ukrainian) Ведущий эксперт Международного центра реформ Джаба Эбануидзе рассказал о перспективах реформирования регистрационной системы в Украине.

Ebanoyidze: Ministry of Justice Wanted to Hire Georgian Experts to “Decorate Facade”

14.07.2015, 16:05

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) wanted to use the service of Georgian experts to “decorate the facade.” Such an opinion was expressed by the ex-Deputy Minister of Justice and former Head of the Revenue Service of Georgia Jaba Ebanoyidze for the channel 112 Ukraine.

Jaba Ebanoyidze: Decentralization, Federalization, Feudalization

09.07.2015, 12:15

Perhaps the most discussed reforms of the past month is decentralization.

Jaba Ebanoyidze Explained How To Fight Corruption In Ministry of Justice

21.05.2015, 14:05

The Ministry of Justice cannot cope with the reform of the registration system. As a result, in order to register property in Ukraine one has to stand in lines and give bribes. It was stated by Jaba Ebanoyidze, the author of the concept of the Ukrainian registration system reform, the former Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia, an ICR expert, during the round table Real Estate Registration in Ukraine: How to Fight Corruption?

Jaba Ebanoyidze: Ukraine Can Use Georgia’s Experience in Registration System Reforming

19.05.2015, 12:39

Ukraine can benefit from the Georgian experience in the implementation of the roulette in business and property rights registration. This was stated by the expert of the International Center for Reforms Jaba Ebanoyidze during the working meeting on the discussion of the draft bills in the sphere of business and proprietary rights registration and encumbrances of real estate.

Ebanoidze: I Suggested the Minister to Give Me Authority And When There Are Uncomfortable “Requests”, Address Everything to Me. But He Refused.

19.05.2015, 11:15

Last week, in connection with the scandal surrounding Sasha Borovyk’s dismissal from the Ministry of Economic Development, the name of another outsider who left the Government has come up – Jaba Ebanoidze. He was invited to Ukraine to become the Head of Ukrregister, but while he was waiting for the Ukrainian citizenship, the Ministry eliminated the agency.

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