Kvitashvili: Medical Reform Is Sabotaged By the Parliamentary Commission on Health

17.07.2015, 09:39

Alexander Kvitashvili said the meeting of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on health issues has clearly demonstrated bias and desire to preserve the present disastrous state of Ukrainian medicine of Olga Bogomolets, Oksana Korchynska and Oleg Musiy. They were the ones who sabotaged discussion of the reform bill (№ 2309).

Oleksandr Nosal: Ukraine Needs to Carry Out Drastic, Rapid, Comprehensive and Inte

23.05.2015, 15:12

Ukraine needs to carry out drastic, rapid, comprehensive and integrated reforms. This opinion was expressed by the CEO of ICR Oleksandr Nosal.

Kvitashvili: After Reform Free Medicine Will Remain

17.04.2015, 12:54

Oleksander Kvitashvili, the Minister of Health Care of Ukraine, believes that the free medicine is not going anywhere if the country will be transfared to health insurance. He stated this during a press conference following the meeting of the National Council of reforms.

Poroshenko on MHC Reform: Free Medicine Is Myth

17.04.2015, 10:25

The National Council of Reform at the meeting on April, 16 is considering the proposals of the Ministry of Health Care concerning the reformation of this area. While opening the consideration of this question, Petro Poroshenko, the President, said that reforming the health care industry is one of the main priorities for the country today.

Kvitashvili: Ministry of Health Launched Reorganization

03.04.2015, 12:08

During a briefing the Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Aleksandre Kvitashvili announced that the Ministry began a large-scale and comprehensive reorganization.

Kvitashvili Dismissed Management of All Ministry Departments

03.04.2015, 11:12

During a briefing the Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Aleksandre Kvitashvili announced that he had dismissed all Heads of departments of the Ministry of Health.

Government Has Сanceled the Re-registeration of Medicines

18.03.2015, 19:05

(Ukrainian) Кабінет міністрів скасував перереєстрацію ліків. Про це повідомив журналістам після засідання уряду міністр охорони здоров’я Олександр Квіташвілі.

Medical Branch Diagnosis

16.03.2015, 10:06

Eugene Yesakov about the state of healthcare industry in Ukraine

(Ukrainian) Що не так з медициною в Україні

12.03.2015, 14:57

(Ukrainian) Варлам Мосідзе поставив діагноз системі охорони здоров’я України.

Health Care Reform In Estonia: What Is Useful For Ukraine

27.02.2015, 10:07

Vitaliy Petrovskiy of medical reform in Estonia

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