Giorgi Baramidze Compared Saakashvili’s Anti-corruption Action with Bulldozer

02.07.2015, 12:39

The Georgian politician and ICR expert believes that this metaphor describes how the Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration fights corruption the best. According to him, it was a radical and tough position on corrupt officials that became the reason for losing the support of the majority at home by Saakashvili.

Baramidze: If Ukraine Does Not Win, No One Will Remember Us

17.06.2015, 09:57

(Ukrainian) Експерт МЦР Георгі Барамідзе в інтерв’ю виданню «Українські новини» розповів про дві війни в Україні, досвід Грузії та вплив Росії на одидві країни.

Baramidze: Corruption Kills All Initiatives of Ukrainian People

08.06.2015, 16:27

Today in Ukraine two wars are happening. One in the eastern Ukraine, the other in Kiev, the war for reforms. The war against oneself. In every country, every person there is evil that has to be overcome. And this evil is corruption. You must kill the dragon. This was stated by the Vice-Speaker of Georgia, ICR expert Georgi Baramidze during the TV show People. Hard Talk on channel 112 Ukraine.

Giorgi Baramidze: What is being done in Ukraine in three months, in Georgia it would be done in three hours

29.05.2015, 11:37

(Ukrainian) Интервью с вице-спикером парламента Грузии Гиорги Барамидзе о том, зачем грузины приехали в Украину и с какими ветряными мельницами им приходится бороться.

Baramidze: Ukraine Needs Consolidation of Forces and Immediate Reforms

28.05.2015, 10:27

Ukraine needs to win two wars. It was said by the Vice-Speaker of the Georgian parliament and an expert of the International Center for Reforms Georgi Baramidze during the event “What reforms are needed Ukraine?”

Baramidze: Ukrainians Deserve Successful Country

23.05.2015, 12:42

(Ukrainian) «Немає народу, який би не заслуговував, або не міг мати розвинену державу, де цінності свободи та прав людини були б на першому місці». Так розпочав свою лекцію для студентів Києво-Могилянської академії віце-спікер парламенту Грузії, експерт- реформатор Георгі Барамідзе, повідомляє кореспондент МЦР.

Georgi Baramidze: Main Reason for Slow Reforming of Ukraine Is Lack of Monolithic Power

01.04.2015, 13:14

Georgi Baramidze rate of Ukrainian reforms

ICR’s Leading Expert Georgi Baramidze met students of the National Academy of Public Administration

24.02.2015, 16:02

On February 23rd, 2015 the leading expert of the International Center for Reforms Giorgi Baramidze met students of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. The Vice-Speaker of the Georgian Parliament gave a lecture on “Georgian Democracy in Transition. Comprehensive anti-corruption reforms.”

«The model in which people succeed without corruption is the fairest and the most profitable one,» said Giorgi Baramidze

23.02.2015, 14:23

The Vice-Speaker of the Georgian Parliament Giorgi Baramidze joined the International Center for Reforms as one of the leading experts. Previously, the politician was the Minister of Defence, the Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration and the Vice Prime Minister of Georgia. From 2012 up to now he is the Vice-Speaker of the Georgian Parliament. During the interview Giorgi spoke about the prospect of Ukrainian reforms and the difficulties encountered in Georgia.

Georgi Baramidze

23.02.2015, 13:12

Giorgi Baramidze is a Georgian politician. He is often called one of the greatest Ukrainian friends. He has been supporting democratic and pro-European movement in Ukraine for a while. Giorgi is currently consulting Ukrainian officials and civic activists. In 2012 he was elected as the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia. During 6 years, from […]

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