Jaba Ebanoyidze: To Combat Corruption Reforms Are Needed from Inside

In order to fight corruption reforms should be carried out from the inside of the system. Jaba Ebanoyidze, the expert of ICR, talked about this at the ShusterLive program on channel 112.

According to him, in December 2014 he was invited to lead Ukrainian Registration Service, but he was forced to give up for a number of reasons.

“We developed the concept of restructuring the registration system reform. Of course, it was not easy to make this decision, to give up the citizenship of Georgia and accept the Ukrainian one. But I was very curious to reform the registration system of Ukraine, I took on the case. After New Year I came to Ukraine and applied for the citizenship, but in mid-January I was informed that the Registration Service was planned to be disbanded, ie the body I was meant to lead. I was explained that such was the plan to combat corruption in the registration system,” he said.

Nevertheless, Jaba Ebanoyidze worked in the Ministry for a month to see which powers the department responsible for the registration function in place of the one eliminated would have.

“I saw that this department has no authority. The registration service is just divided by different departments. The department that would be responsible for the registration was left without any powers. During January-February I worked as the Assistant Minister in the Ministry, met with various community leaders, professional organizations and with them I wanted to finalize the concept. However, for some reason, I heard comments and hints that I should not meet with the public. When I was offered the position of the Head of the Department without any authority, I refused. In this position I would not be able to influence registers, the system, I could not change the internal system. I did not want to make facade reforms, that is exactly what the Ministry of Justice is doing now. Therefore, I rejected this position,”- said the expert.

“After I left the Ministry, many thought I would go back home to Georgia, but I stayed in Ukraine. I did not want to leave the matter I had worked on for a year. I still communicate with NGOs. In particular, right now I am working with the NGO International Center for Reforms and continue working on reforming the system of registration and want to offer Sasha (Borovyk – Ed.) to form a coalition, I think many will join,” – Ebanoyidze said.

He also noted that while working with the Ministry of Justice Registration Service he was allowed near only only some functions.

“We worked with front offices to facilitate services for citizens that they are easy to apply to, but we barely got to the point to control the work of registers. Why they often refuse to register, why registration is not done in certain time limits, why subjective, unsubstantiated reasons for refusal immediately stopped us and did not give us the opportunity to change the system from the inside,”- the expert concluded.